Selection Techniques

Personality Tests
Personality tests are a selection procedure to measure the personality characteristics of applicants that are related to future job performance. Personality tests typically measure one or more of five personality dimensions: extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience. Tests like these can consist of up to 100 questions with a view to finding answers, which are most descriptive of the target group or person in question. The idea is to draw out personality styles to assess the potential for the role in question. 

Application Forms 
Application forms are commonly used. These forms assess background information through a form or questionnaire in order to assess an individual's behavioural reliability, integrity, and personal adjustment. The employer will then assess applicants' scores, determined by weighting each item according to the item's derived relationship to the criterion of interest. The application form is very common in roles where a high volume of applications can be expected, like in graduate recruitment and in the public sector. 

Intelligence Tests 
Intelligence tests, like personality tests, are paper and pencil based assessments, but seek to measure an individual's general mental ability or intelligence rather than their characteristic suitability. Tests may include time limits and could involve mathematic or scientific problem solving. Many tests will contain the same requirements that occur on the job on offer so a direct performance measure can be applied. 

Career Fairs 
Career fairs provide job hunters with the chance to meet employers face-to-face to learn about opportunities available and to market themselves to prospective employers. For employers it's a chance to meet hundreds of interested candidates in a very short time. Careers fairs can be a useful way to pick up information about a job to make a better, informed career decision. 

Virtual Career Fairs 
Virtual career fairs work in the same way as traditional career fairs but are held online. This modern way to search for a job is increasing in popularity as visitors have the options to chat to prospective employers, submit CVs, and receive expert advice at their convenience. The standard procedure is to register and upload your CV and cover letter so prospective employers have a chance to screen your details. You get the opportunity to interact directly with company representatives through video, chat, or virtual interviews. Employers use a search function to find candidates using their virtual profiles. A professionally written CV can help employers to locate you, which can lead to further discussions and interviews.


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