Securing an Interview

Once you have secured an interview make sure that you have researched the company and have a good understanding of the role you're applying for. Make sure you're prepared for a few standard questions the recruiter is most likely to ask you and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You need to communicate to the prospective employer why you should be selected for the job. In the interview, be clear, concise and only talk about relevant situations, which best show off your skills and characteristics. Let the interviewer guide you and listen carefully to each question. You should ask plenty of questions to demonstrate your interest in the company and enthusiasm for the role. The interview stage is a chance for both sides to gain as much information as possible to decide upon suitability. The interviewer will be looking to see what you can bring to the organisation but at the same time you should be assessing whether or not the job role is right for you.

Interview Mistakes

Not being prepared
Not being well prepared is the biggest interview mistake. To give you the best chance to succeed you need to find out all you can about the company. Read press releases to find out about their products, customers and competitors and demonstrate your interest with a few questions. Make sure you know what sets you apart from other candidates and be specific about what you've done that has made you successful. Know your background without having to refer to your CV but equally know exactly what information is on your CV. 

Not thinking through your answers 
You should always think about what you are going to say and refer to your strengths and skills. Try to keep your answers short and concise but provide enough information to give the employer the answer they are looking for. Beforehand, prepare to discuss topics and be prompted by the interviewer. Concentrate on your current roles and experiences and how the skills you possess are valuable to the organisation. You should always think through your answers but try not to hesitate or look confused. If you are unsure about a question ask the interviewer to repeat it or ask for clarification. 

Not keeping to the question 
Take a moment to think about exactly what the employer is asking of you. If you start rambling or talking about something, which bears no relevance to the question asked, then the interviewer is not going to be impressed. 

Lack of enthusiasm
You should always show enthusiasm for both the position, and the company. The interview stage is a chance for you to really showcase your personality. Be upbeat, positive and focus on your core strengths and achievements. Ask the prospective employers plenty of questions to demonstrate you are keen to be involved with the company. 

Not demonstrating ambition or determination 
If you do not show you are looking to succeed then it is unlikely an employer will want to take you on. You need to show that you want to progress by asking the prospective employer if there are opportunities for development

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