Assessment Centres

Assessment centres typically consist of multiple evaluations including job related simulations. Job simulations are used to evaluate candidates behaviours relevant to different aspect of a job. 

Employers now use assessment centres when recruiting managers, professionals and graduates. It makes the selection process more accurate and is a reliable way of identifying top candidates. The type of activities carried out at an assessment centre include: 


Presentations show your ability to organise and structure information and your ability to think on your feet. To put together a good presentation you prepare thoroughly and should include examples to illustrate the points you are making. You should support the facts you find with examples. 


Group Work 

Group exercises measure leadership, teamwork, negotiation and problem solving. To succeed in group exercises you need to keep focused on the overall objective and make sure your contributions are relevant. How you work with team members to solve the problem is usually more important than the solution. You need to make sure you contribute ideas and encourage others. 


Verbal and Numerical Tests 

Most employers use verbal and numerical tests with multiple choice answers. These tests check your accuracy, reasoning and numeric skills. The key to hypothesis testing is to practice working quickly and accurately. 


Psychometric and Personality Testing

Psychometric testing looks at how you behave in different situations and your preferences. They help employers understand how you would fit into the company. To succeed in these types of tasks, answer questions honestly and do not overthink the answers. You should not guess what you think a company is looking for as it is likely your scorecard will come out with differences in each area. 


Panel Interviews 

Panel interviews are structured and more usually carried out by senior managers. They will ask for examples of what skills you possess that are relevant to the role and how you've demonstrated these. Do your research on the company and read through your CV so you know in the order in which the information appears. Make regular eye contact with all panel members and let them know you are engaged. 



A roleplay exercise involves interacting with others to complete a business related task. You must take on and act out your part given to the best of your ability. These types of exercises measure communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, leadership and problem solving skills. Initially you need to address the underlying problem and then present a solution. Make sure you consider the audience and project a confident image.


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